Information regarding structural compenstaion by the use of extinguishing systems



  f076e pictureExtinguishing system for structural compensations (BauTeKo) ensure
  the requirements of building laws are observed even if there are no structural
  fire protection solutions.

  BauTeKo protects non-closeable openings by using water curtains, for example.
  Or it cools structurally important parts of the building, walls, ceilings, doorsith a water film.

  Or BauTeKo protects parts of your building with a high fire load.

BauTeKo-Systems supports structural fire ürotection and help to fulfil the requirements of architecture
as well as of structural fire protection in modern or valuable historic buildings.

BauTeKo-system was developed by umbra. To realize a BauTeKo-system we offer the following services:
- Couseling/Advisory service
- Design support
- Delivery of components

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