Ecolexis® Extinguishing system (Standard & Matrix)

The innovative Water mist extinguishing system for High rack storages


f003e picture

- patented      
- customized
- reasonable


Schematisc Layout of an Ecolexis®-System
in a rack storage (Source: Umbra FSP)

Working principle of the Ecolexis® Extinguishing Systems


Applications / Project References


f007e pictureHere you can find some examples of applications
where the use of sprinkler would have been much
more complicated and expensive.

A Problem for Sprinklers! No Problem for Ecolexis®!


Other Applications

Following you will find some futher descriptions of applications for Ecolexis® water mist systems. The applications can be realized with Ecolexis® Standard as well as with Ecolexis® Matrix system.




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Ecolexis® - the fire protection solution for buildingx in industry and logistics.

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