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 f025e picture Many objects are optimally preotected when using a fire protection with foam agents building light
  The chemical and mechanical characteristics allows to us it to protect many different risks. Sometime
  foam can even protect risks which are uncontrollable for sprinkler systems.

  Foam systems - simultaneously fight the fire, cool the contruction of object and building, washes out smoke and
  prevents the fire spread.

  These systems need less water than conventional sprinkler systes. Therefore, they need less storage space for water. In
  the protected object only a pipe system under the ceiling is necessary.

  Foam systems are a good alternative compared to sprinkler systems.

FoamProtection Systems are very special systems. For these systems we offer the following services:
- Counselling
- Planning/Design Support
- Supply of components

Are you interested? Do you like to become a system installation partner? But you cannot find the necessary information on our web site. Please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.




Downloads:FoamStorageWorking principle (GER)Project ReferenceTechnical Information (GER)


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