The extinguishing agent present in the air we breathe


Argon-systems use a gas that is naturally prevalent in the atmosphere. It is nonconductive, colorless, orodless,
insipid and chemically neutral. The gas is safe for human health, non toxic and it does not produce corrosive

or hazardous residues.

The fire suppression industry must be responsible with the environment, also. The argon gas is completely ecological, with zero ozone depleteion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP). This allows to perform real tests, without any environmental damage.

This system extinguishes fire by lowering the oxigen level in the protected area enough to make combustion unsustainable. The gas concentration is always adjusted according to the protected risks. Most fires are always extinguished with an oxigen concentration lowered to 14%. Existing equirements to protect inhabitants of occupied rooms are always observed.

After an argon gas discharge, the visibility is good. In case of a system activation in an occupied area, the emergency exits remain clear. A possible panic of the escaping people is avoided.



Benefits of Argon - Systems:

-    Easy acquisition all over the world.

-    Cheap extinguishing agent. Inexpensive refills.

-    Argon is chemically neutral and does not go into chemical compounds.

-    Allows long piping network.

-    Good visibility after discharge.

-    Economical and material savings using directional valves

-    Long term alternative.

-    Argon is non toxic = Suitable for occupied areas

-    ZERO ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP)

-    Worldwide usability according to the following standards:
     ISO 14520, UNE 23575, NFPA 2001, CEA 4008 (CEPREVEN)



Following we show you some areas of application for Argon - systems (examples).

Zwischenboden- Data centres,
- Computer rooms,
- Server- and Network cabinets

Computerraum- Telecommunication equipment

Archiv- Museums,
- Archives,
- Libraries

tgv-sud-est-06-durchfaehrt-am-128632 - Railcars, Locomotives

Maschinen- CNC - Machines



Download Flyer Argon (GER only!)


The system and components have been approved by VdS. For recent approval information please contact us.

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