CO2 (carbon dioxide)

 Accumulated Experience

CO2 ico2 flaschens probably the most popular clean agent all over the world. Its accumulated experience facilitates the engineering of multiple applications that have been standarized, as kitchen hoods, transformation facilities, etc.

co2 duesen

Its low cost and easy acquisition all over the world, has made CO2 a leading product in multiple applications, as in the shipping industry. lt is easy to test at real scale, the refills are immediate and inexpensive.

The extinguishing mechanism is based mainly in physical principles. On one side, it reduces the oxigen concentration bebow 15% and on the other side cools down and absorbs the heat of the flame. In oxigen concentrations below 15%, most of the fires can not maintain the combustion. The versatility of the CO2makes it suitable to be used in total flood applications, in local applications and even in fixed spots with hoses.

CO2 is typically used in non-occupied spaces, as it may cause suffocation in normal extinguishing concentrations. If it is used in normally occupied areas, some safety precautions must be taken.






- Zero ozone depletion potential

- Electrically non-conductive

- Easy Acquisition

- Low cost

- Clean, does not leave residues

- Versatile, local application and total flood

- Worldwide usability according to the following standards:ISO 6183, DIN EN 15004, NFPA 12, CEA 4007 (CEPREVEN) i.a.



- Transformation facilities

- Flammable liquids storage areas

- Kitchen hoods

- Electric generators

- Painting cabinets

- Electrical cabinets and substation

- False floor

- Laboratories

- Fire hazards class B and C

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