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Fixed COStations For Local Application

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In order to satisfy the needs of the existing and growing fire protection market, SIEX/Komtes has developed new fixed CO2 stations for local application.

The system comprises the following:

-          40 or 67l-high pressure cylinder with valve, 190bar-burst disk, manual release (pilot cylinder only), manifold, discharge hose, check valve/s and fixing brackets

-          High pressure hose reel (15 to 50m) with wall fixing arm, fitted with flexible hose for a test pressure of 420 bar. The assembly also includes a pistol or nozzle with a retaining trigger and a local application horn

-          Cylinders with CO2

The fixed CO2 extinguishing stations are for manual application using a pistol with a retaining trigger which allows the CO2 flow to be switched on and off with almost no effort.

The heavy duty reel can be swung out, which makes it much easier to unroll the hose and quickly reach the risk area.

Operation is very simple and similar to a water hose reel. Firstly open the valve(s) on the gas bottle(s); secondly take hold of the pistol by its retaining trigger and roll out as many metres of hose as are needed to reach the fire location; thirdly point the pistol at the base of the fire and discharge CO2.

For continuous monitoring of the CO2 fill in the bottle, the continuous weighing device should be used. This is connected directly to the fire panel so that the operating readiness of the extinguishing system can be monitored at all times.

This equipment is used on delicate or critical hazards which require a clean extinguishing agent to extinguish or control the fire. A fixed station consisting of two 67kg bottles of CO2 is equivalent to twenty 5kg manual extinguishers.

Alternatively there are mobile wheeled CO2 units for manual application available. These can be moved around the protected area with minimal effort. They consist of: gas bottle(s) with manual release valve(s) fitted on a heavy duty cylinder trolley, various lengths of high pressure hose and a retaining trigger and local application horn. 


- Harmless for the ozone layer

- Swing-out reel for easy handling and hose   roll-out

- Does not conduct electricity

- Available worldwide

- Low cost extinguishing agent

- Clean, leaves no residue

- Best extinguishing effect in the comparison of  all inert gases

- Worldwide usability according to the following  standards: ISO 6183, DIN EN 15004, NFPA 12,  CEA 4007 (CEPREVEN) u.a


- Transformer rooms

- Rotating presses

- Flammable liquid storage areas

- Airports

- Heavy vehicle garages

- Electrical generators

- Electrical cabinets and substations

Download Flyer CO2 - Local Application (GER only!)


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