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HFC-227ea is a fire extinguishing agent used to replace Halon 1301 applications with highly satisfactory resuits.The Ozone Depletion Potential is Zero.HFC-227ea is an odorless, colorless, electrically non-conductive and valid for Class A fires (solid materials) and Class B fires (flammable liquids).


HFC-227ea extinguishes fire by a physical machansim, weakening the fire until it disappears by heat absorption. It transfers the physical-chemical heat, absorpts the heat from the flame and combustible (endothermic rupture point). It´s a very effective extinguishing agent, its minimum concenration for normal Class A fires is 5.8% by volume and its design concentration is 7.5%.

Nowadays every application is a matter of cost. The space costs money, so it is very important to make a good of use of it. The HFC-227ea
system requires minimal container storage space, compared to other similar alternatives, as CO2 or the inert gases (even seven times less).Among the extinguishing fixed systems in the market, certain products make progress and stand out for many advantages.
HFC-227ea is one of those. HFC227-ea is an extinguishing agent based upon the requirements of ISO 14520, UNE 23572 and NFPA 2001 standards.

NEW: Since May 2014 UL Listing and since July FM Listing



- fast extinguishing < 10 sec.
- suitable for ocuppied areas

- high effective, low extinguishing concentration (7,5%)

- requires minimal container storage

- no residues left behind after application

- zero ozone depleting potential

- low pressure storage (24 bar)

- electrically non-conductive

- noiseless discharges



Zwischenboden- computer rooms, control rooms,

Computerraum- telecommunication stations

Archiv- museums, archives, libraries

Industrieanlagen- petrochemical facilities

Labor- Laboratories

Download Flyer HFC-227ea (german only)

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