IG541 (also Inergen®)

 effective + non toxic


The  INERT-SIEX 541 extinguishing agent is a blend of three gases, consisting of 52% nitrogen, 40% argon and 8% carbon dioxide. Since it consists of atmospheric gases, its ozone depletion potential and global warming potential are both zero. lt is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, electrically non-conducive and chemically neutral gas. lt is a clean gas which generates no residue and if therefore suitable for use in risks where the cleanliness of the extinguishing agent might be an issue or is likely to affect installed equipment.Flaschen groß mit Ventil 2

lt is non-toxic, so is not harmful to people when used at design concentrations. lt does not generate chemical compounds which are toxic or have long atmospheric lives, it is non-corrosive and can be used at normal temperatures with materials typically used in industry and construction. lt is electrically non-conductive and is therefore highly recommended for protecting electrical and electronic materials with no harm to the equipment.

INERT-SIEX 541 attacks fires by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the risk area to below the threshold for the combustion of a material. So the fire cannot burn because there is not enough oxygen to support combustion.

Although the extinguishing method is the same as, for example, for C02, IG-541 is safe for use in occupied areas.

After a discharge, visibility remains good. In the event of people being in the risk area at the time of activation, emergency exits remain visible, thus preventing the potential panic that could result from low visibility and facilitating the evacuation.

The agent is stored in the form of compressed gas in high-pressure cylinders. SIEX has three types of systems depending on the storage pressure.  INERT-SIEX 150, 200 and 300 bar. This high-pressure storage makes it possible to use long pipe runs to cover large distances and avoid obstacles.

Directional valves may be used virtually without limitations with this extinguishing agent to protect several risks simultaneously with the same unit, thus cutting installation costs




- easy to recharge anywhere in the world

- allows long pipe runs

- post-discharge visibility is clear, facilitating evacuation

- cost effective directional valves

- inert and non toxic gas, which makes it suitable for occupied areas

- 100% environmentally-friendly extinguishing agent

- worldwide approval:
ISO 14520, UNE 23575, NFPA 2001, CEA 4008 (CEPREVEN)


- computer rooms, control rooms

- electrical panels

- telephone switchboard equipment

- electric and electronic applications

- false floors and false ceilings

- archives, museums, libraries, etc.

- especially suitable for large spaces


The system and the components are approved by vds.

Download Flyer IG541 (german only)

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