Protectowire Applications


Overheat and Fire Detection in Conveyors

Conveyor fires are typically caused by:

  • friction due to belt slippage
  • bearing problems
  • static electricity
  • welding operations adjacent to the conveyor
  • spontaneous combustion etc.

ResizedImage220149-Foerderbaender01Given the rapid spread of a fire on a moving conveyor, o WLM detection system which is designed for a fast response can mean the difference between a controlled fire situation and a major disaster.


The key to this system is the heat detecting cable that can be installed in close proximity to any kind of conveyor. This ensures a very quick detection of overhating and fire sitations.

Combined with special panels the conyeors can be stopped and sprinklers or other extinguishing systems can be activated.


Sprinkler Activation in Refrigerated Storage Areas

ResizedImage205150-TKLager01WLM detection systems provide the most dependable and cost effective fire detection for refrigerated storage applications. When coupled with double interlock sprinkler systems this system is virtually false alarm free.

One possible solution is the Umbra  System ColdStorage. You can get further information here.

Vehicle Protection

ResizedImage200200-FahrzeugeBecause of its special product characterisitcs WLM detector wire can be installed directly at the hazardous areas, e.g. motor compartment. Thus overheating and fire will be detected very quickly and heavy losses or endangerment of car occupants can be avoided. 

WLM Detector wire can also be deployed for monitoring unmanned vehicles, e.g. in mines or automated storage facilities, or to monitor vehicles in far distant areas. Combined with automatic vehicle extinguishing systems your epensive special vehicle can be protected ideally.

Overheat and Fire Detection in Cable Trays

A relatively minor cable fire can cause widespread disruption an consequential losses out of all proportion to the incident itself. WLM detector wire detects the location of an overheat condition anywhere in a plant's cable tray system. Power and control cables are protected and vital systems are keot in operation.

Overheat and Fire Detection in Power Distribution Apparatus

ResizedImage200140-Elektro01The inherent flexibility of WLM detector cable permits installation in high risk areas such as motor control panels, switchgear, substations, transformers and resistor banks.

ResizedImage200140-Elektro02The WLM System is also uniquely suited for protection of power transformers. The detector cable can be easily installed adjacent to or diretly on transformers in outdoor installations to provide detection of any overheating condition. The inherent flexibility of the detector cable allows it to be placed easily at any spacing desired. Non-metallic cable ties are recommended for fastening directly to transformers.



Overheat and Fire Detection in Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft hangars present special protection problems due entirely to the nature of their contents. State-of-the-art high value aircraft, with expensive electronics and large fuel loads, present new challenges for fast reliable fire detection and suppression systems. WLM linear heat detection - combined with special extinguishing systems - provide an effective solution for the risks assiciated with this unique hazard.



Other Applications

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