About umbra

Fire protection needs reliance.

It's about the protection of people & material assets


Umbra FSP GmbH was established in march 2007 from Umbra Feuerloeschsysteme GmbH which exists since 1994. Our company's objectives are wholesale and development in the field of fire protection. The use of innovative and patented components andy systems enables to solve even the most difficult problems.

Based on longtime experiences Umbra FSP offers most modern and innovative technical solutions in the broad field of automatic fire protection.

Wir offer:

  • Components for sprinkler systems, spray water systems & extinguishing systems using foam
  • Components for extinguishing systems for cold storages & areas at the risk of frost
  • Components for gas extinguishing systems with specific & ecologic extinguishing gases
  • Components for powder extinguishing systems with specific powder nozzles & special systems
  • Components & products for mobile fire protection
  • Components for fire detection systems including special detectors

Furthermore we procure at your demand:

  • Planning Services
  • Installation Services

We are at your service to answer your questions and requests at all times.

Umbra FSP GmbH Phone: +49 -30 -3906 72-10
Koenigswinterstr. 32 Fax: +49 -30 -3906 72-43
DE-10318 Berlin Email: info'at'

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